Product Details

You will love the DO experience, and let us tell you why

Our backpacks come in 4 colors:

- all black - the Charcoal model

- all grey - the Petalite model

- dark green and black - the Jade model

- dark red and black - the Cuprite model

Yes, they were all named after semi-precious minerals, because we truly believe our backpacks are worth, keeping, offering and loving. This is a precious item that you'll never leave behind.


All our backpacks are designed to provide, above all, a safe travel with a waterproof fabric, of course we do not advise you to take a swim with DO but, nor face a storm with it, but we can assure you that your goods will be dry, if you face some unexpected rain drops along the way!
We also included a reflective patch, to provide you some night visibility, this is specially important when you are ridding a bike with DO or even when your are walking in some busy roads. 
DO has a water proof base, specialist thermoplastic polyurethane. Put your backpack down in any weather, on any floor and wipe clean if dirty.
DO backpack also has an external pocket, on the right side, thought to keep your umbrella or a water bottle.
And we added a secret small pocket on the left backpack strap. It is a really small pocket designed to keep your credit card, subway card or even some money.
We also added a trolley suitcase strap, which allows you to slip your DO backpack securely on to your suitcase handle at the airport. This handle continues to do the job of keeping your belongings safe because it covers all the access points when you stop wearing your backpack.


On the back of the DO backpack you will find 2 YKK zippers:
In the middle zipper you will be able to access the main pocket, the main pocket is where you can store your laptop (untill 15"), your tablet, your power bank, your shoes, your wigs and all the other objects you need to get thru your day. You will find 4 neoprene pockets and one net pocket to organize all your items and again, keep them dry and above all safe.

The last but not least lower zipper offers you a small pocket, that was designed to give you fast access to small items, such as: keys, cellphone and wallet. With this design, you won't need to put down your DO backpack in order to get, for example your keys, you will be able to get them, while you're wearing DO. This method will save you a lot of time and provide you that extra confort you have always been looking for. Dimensions: 30cm x 18cm.


DO was made above all to be a safe backpack. DO's design was thought and carefully studied to offer it's user a safer backpack experience than regular backpacks.
During the design process we have tried to keep it as simple as possible, while preserving maximum function. DO was made to be a discrete, trendy allied in your everyday routine, so the next time you wear your DO backpack, don't be surprised if you turn some heads on your way!


DO was designed by all our staff members, each and everyone of us contributed to make the DO dream a reality.

Because we are all portuguese, and also because of all the economic drama surrounding our country, we decided before anything else to produce DO in Portugal. We figured out that Portugal has more than capacity to produce good and quality products, that will make our dream easier to pursue while contributing to boost our economy.

This decision turned our creative process a lot easier because we could actually talk to the factories in our own language, and be present during all the development process until the product was finished and perfect just as we wanted to.  

Please note, all our backpacks are handmade at sewing machines by professionals in a factory in Braga, PORTUGAL.


The fabrics that we chose are mainly polyesters with some cordura, cordura is actually the feature that provides fabrics more or less resistance, so more cordura, more resistance. But the more cordura the rougher will the fabric be... As far as cordura goes, because we are making a product for adults, to add some cordura but also preserve a smooth touch, that offers a more luxurious look, considering all of this we chose the italian nylon as our main external fabric. On the inside, we chose polyester and neoprene because the neoprene absorves some of the impact when you accidentally drop your DO.
In your back and shoulders you will find super confortable cushions that will allow an effective weight support while providing extra confort to your back.

Regarding the size, it is a 25L backpack. We chose this size because we thought it would be more versatile, since it's cabin size you can take it on your flight without having any space problems, and, if you wear it everyday it won't be too big for daily use.