Meet DO crew


Catarina Portela

She's our fashion designer. She is the one responsible for DO design, ergonomy, features and quality of the several materials that we've used. She is a true perfectionist which means that if you have any sugestions concerning the use of your backpack space, you should let her know your feedback.


Joana Dias

Joana is our marketing director. She is behind all the necessary strategics that will allow us to bring DO to your front step. She will scream out of rooftops all our values, because she believes that DO really is your new best friend in town!


Luís Batalha

He's our programer. He is in charge of all the informatics stuff, the website, the programing and the payment methods. Because he is now living in San Francisco he is also the reponsible with the correction of any eventual orthographic mistakes, so if you find something that it's not properly written, just let us know and rest assure that we will kick his ass. Also if you find that the website is not fully functional to your needs, please tell us, and we will try to adjust it better to everyone's needs.


Maria do Carmo

She is our graphic designer, she conceived our logo, our tags, and is trying her best to turn DO into a love brand. Because we have so many ideas to introduce our brand in numerous products, she will be the one to transform our draws and ideas into illustrator vectors!


Rui Valido

He is our kickass photographer. Rui is very creative and talented, and he feels free in DO team because he is free to go crazy with us! Rui is also our PR (public relations) because he knows 80% of the people living in Portugal and everybody just simply adores him!


Telma Castro

Telma is the founder and product developer behind the DO project, she is the one that came up with the idea of an anti-theft backpack, assembled all this wonderful team and made DO a reality. Her mission is simple, is to present DO to every corner of the world because we feel that many people could benefit from our product. She is 1,59 cm tall, but she has it all figured out you don't want to mess with her, and that's why no one will mess with your DO!