How big is DO backpack?
49 cm height
38 cm width
17 cm depth

What's DO backpack's weigh?
DO backpack weighs is 1,5kg.

What size laptop and tablet can DO backpack hold?
11 inch 13 inch and 15 inch
Laptop measurements should be no larger than 25cm x 38cm (10 inches x 15 inch) to fit in the laptop compartment. 15 inch laptops with laptop covers may be too large. 
They also have a special compartment for larger tablets.

How can I wash or clean DO? Is the DO backpack machine washable?
Non-machine wash: Use a damp cloth to remove individual stains inside or outside the DO backpack. The colour of the material may change when wet; the colour will return to normal when dried naturally. 
Machine wash: Yes, the DO backpack is machine washable and you can use the spin dry option. If using a washing machine for light / medium staining wash the DO backpack on a short, cool wash - 40 C / 90 F for 15 minutes. For heavy staining all over the DO backpack, the maximum temperature the DO backpack can handle is 60 C / 140 F. Do not use detergent or softener - this will break down the waterproofing materials in your backpack and remove the protective seal on the base on the DO backpack.



Where can I buy my DO backpack? Can I buy it on Amazon or Ebay?
For now, DO backpack is sold exclusively on this website.

How can I pay for my DO backcpack?
Orders and payment can only be taken through this website using Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, Pay Pal or Apple Pay.

Can I trust www.lockdo.com? Is payment secure?
You can trust this website and your payment is secure. When you pay here, your payment is processed by Stripe. Stripe is a secure online payment gateway company which manages this payment securely with your bank so your bank details are at no point shared with DO crew or anyone else.


Does DO ship globally?
Yes, we ship to your country and continent.

How much does shipping cost?
To Portugal 5 €
To Europe 15 €
To the Rest of the World 25 €

Can I track my DO backpack?
Yes, after dispatched, you will be sent a tracking code by email. Please ensure you enter the correct email address so you receive this message. 

Is it possible to get DO backpack over regular mail?
No, we only send our backpacks by secure mail.

How long does delivery takes?
From the time of dispatch, delivery times are:
Portugal: 2-7 working days
EU: 5-12 working days
USA and Canada: 10-18 working days
Non-EU Europe: 10-18  working days
Rest of the word: 13-25 working days



What if I have a problem with my DO?
If there is a problem with your backpack due to fault in the manufacture, we will ask for a photo so we fully understand the issue. We will take a close look and reply with solutions for you. If suitable, we will cover repair or arrange a replacement.

What if there's no problem, but I would like to return it?
If there is no problem with your DO backpack, you may return and receive a refund under the following conditions: you should not handle the backpack more than you would in a shop, it must not have been worn outside, the labels must still be on, and, you should send it back to us in it's original cardboard box. If it has been handled more than this, we cannot provide a full refund.
Our headquarters is in the European Union (EU). Under EU law you have 14 days cooling off period to decide to return items bought online for a full refund under the distance selling rules. Return postage will be reimbursed up to the cost of the RiutBag shipping price to you. E.g. if you pay for the DO backpack + 16€ shipping, the return postage reimbursement will be no more than 16€. If you wish to return your order, please email us. If you return the DO backpack after 14 days, you must pay for the return postage.
If you do not pay for shipping, and you would like to return your DO backpack, there will be no refund of your shipping costs. You will be responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

I'm in Portugal, how can I return my DO backpack?
Contact us via email to let us know you would like to return the DO backpack. Once you have confirmed that the DO backpack has not been handled more than you usually would in a shop, we will figure out a solution with you.

I'm not in Portugal, how can I return my DO backpack?
Contact us via email to let us know you would like to return the DO backpack. Once you have confirmed that the DO backpack has not been handled more than you usually would in a shop, we will provide a returns address in Portugal. Please return the DO backpack in a suitable packaging so it is not damaged in the international postal system.

When will I get a refund?
Once the DO backpack has been returned and checked, we will send the correct refund amount. Depending on your bank, this will arrive in your bank account in the next 1 to 15 days.